my favourite places in London

Hello hello!

It’s time to write something about my favourite and most beautiful city in the world  London.

But why is London  my favourite city, well… My parents lived there for 5 years, so they like the city also very much! That’s why we visit London so often.

Okay, now it’s time to talk about my favourite places in that wonderful city…


Primrose Hill

Primrose WHAT?! Maybe you haven’t heard anything about that place, but I am telling you: once you’ve been there you want to let the whole wide world know that they need to go there 😉

Primrose Hill is situated nearby Regent’s Park. You have a wonderful view of the city there, that’s why I like that place SO much: it’s not very touristic, you only have locals there and the view makes you very quiet and peaceful. You can also take many Instagram pictures (off course!), but you can also picnic or go for a walk.

PLUS PLUS: the London Zoo is only a 10 minutes’ walk from there 🙂

Camden Town

Maybe you ever heard about it, but Camden Town is THE PLACE TO BE for hipsters, art-lovers, but also for market-lovers and many other people!

The people are very friendly and you have a little market with all random stuff: vintage cameras, Indian jewels, book stands, tattoos… You can walk a whole day there just looking at all the people and stands. But I think you’re not going to spend your ‘day in London’ like that 😉

A nice place to eat is the Weatherspoon pub.

The Shard

“Forget the amazing view from the London Eye, go to the Shard!”. Phaha that’s my way to promote the view of the Shard. But I promise you: YOU WILL HAVE AN AMAZING VIEW! Even if it’s rainy and the weather is not that nice ;).

And… I have a money-saving-hack for you! Instead of booking an expensive ticket to go up and down, you need to book a table in one of the restaurants (Aqua Shard/Hutong/Oblix). The view is as good as you pay for a ticket to go up, and you have a meal!

The best way to get in is to call the evening itself , then you (maybe) will have a table, but the best is to book a month in advance! Make sure you are wearing the right clothes!!

British Museum

Free museums are sooo cool, absolutely in London! This museum is so big that if you want to see its whole collection, you need to go for a week. Also for children it’s very nice to go (I went when I was ten years and we receivrd a nice activity-book).

Oxford Street

Because who doesn’t like shopping?! The best is to go by underground and get off in Bond Street. Then let the party begin! A nice place to eat is M&S café, where you have a good view of Oxford Street. Another great place to eat is Fenwick, Mark’s restaurant. It’s very chill in there and the staff is friendly!

Hilton Canary Wharf

…is a great place to stay in London, you have a good connection with the underground (Jubilee Line). Most of the time, it’s very quiet (except on rush hours).

The rooms of the hotel are very spacious and the breakfast is HUGE. The staff is also very friendly. All these factors make your stay very comfortable.

Boat Trip

Something very touristic, but also nice as transport! If the weather is not too stormy a boat trip can be very pleasant 😉




So, this was my blog post of the week, I hope you liked it!

And the question of this blog post is:

What’s your favourite place in London?


See you next week x


Primrose Hill


Camden Town




View of the Shard

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Marks and Spencer Oxford Street

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Hilton Canary Wharf


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