we are going to America

May 2016, time to choose a destination for our holiday. Somewhere not too far, because I had problems with my health. Maybe Jersey or Guernsey? Or something 3 hours away (flying)?

 We all thought we were going to Guernsey until my dad had an idea. He has to fly a lot for his job, so we could use some of his airmiles of British Airways. We all were very excited about that idea, but flying to Guernsey was not that easy.

So, one evening my dad said we could also fly to New York City instead. We all thought he was crazy and that we are NEVER going to get permission from the doctor to fly such a distance.. So, my dad sorted out flights and there was just enough space for us on the plane. That was fantastic, but we still had no permission.

So, June 2016, I had to go to the doctor and fortunately, my eye was excellent! But… I need to drink enough, walk every hour on the plane and wear support socks.

July 2016, we are going to New York in about a month’s time and we still have no hotel! Everyday, my mum kept an eye on booking.com for good and affordable hotels.

August 2016, we FINALLY found a hotel in New York (Lower Manhattan), we are all very excited about it because it’s my, my sister’s and my mum’s first time that we are flying that long…

[to be continued]


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