forty days without social media

what will this do to me? am I going to have more time to do things that make me happy?

I think you all know that the Christians have a period in the year that’s called: Lent. I thought what could I do and I found a challenge really fast: 40 days no smartphone. I would change my iPhone into an old, vintage Nokia, a camera and a notebook. I made a little book with all my thoughts about that.

One day, I tried to put my SIM-card into the old Nokia, and it didn’t fit. The only way I could use the Nokia was to change my phone number and ask for a new SIM. That was just  too much effort to do because in the end, I  had to change my number if I wanted to use my smartphone again…

So, that idea was not an option.

The actual purpose of using that Nokia was to fdeleteinstaeel how teens felt in the 90’s – without smartphone. Finally I knew what I could do for the Lent period: deleting Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr. It felt quite good when I did that, but will I feel as good as now after forty days?

We’ll see.



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